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Although it is located in Orange County, Williamstown is just 10 miles from Barre City. This growing community has recently developed several commercial-industrial areas just outside the small village center. The elementary and high schools are located on a plateau which is also just outside the village.

Your complete guide to travel, recreation, entertainment, business, and quality of life in Williamstown, Vermont. Commercial and demographic information as well as financing programs and more.

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Vital Statistics For Williamstown, Vermont
 Area (square miles) 44
    Percent of Region 5.26%
 Population 2007 3,249
     Percent of Region 5.06%
     Ten Year Population Change 327
Town Employers 2006 61
     Percent of Region 2.31%
     Ten Year Employer Change 7
Town Employees 516
    Percent of Region 1.54%
     Ten Year Employer Change 86
Average Annual Wage 2006 $31,574
Town Households 2006 1,317
     Percent Regional Housing 4.89%
     Ten Year Households Change 134
Town Students FY06   568
     Percent Regional Enrollment
     Ten Year Enrollment Change
Average Home Sale Price 2006
     Number Homes Sold 2006
* Covered by Vermont Unemployment Insurance
* Does not include self-employed persons

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